package ecaml

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A "window" in Emacs is the physical area of the screen in which a buffer is displayed.

Each window has its own value of point, independent of the value of point in other windows displaying the same buffer. This makes it useful to have multiple windows showing one buffer.

A window is "live" as long as it displays a buffer. All functions other than is_live raise if supplied a t such that not (is_live t).

(Info-goto-node "(elisp)Windows").

include Core.Equal.S with type t := t
val equal : t Base.Equal.equal
include Ecaml_value.Value.Subtype with type t := t
val sexp_of_t : t -> Sexplib0.Sexp.t
val eq : t -> t -> bool

eq t1 t2 = Value.eq (to_value t1) (to_value t2), i.e. eq checks whether the Emacs values underlying t1 and t2 are physically equal. This is different than phys_equal t1 t2, because we don't always wrap eq Emacs values in phys_equal OCaml values. I.e. phys_equal t1 t2 implies eq t1 t2, but not the converse.

val is_in_subtype : Ecaml_value.Value.t -> bool
val of_value_exn : Ecaml_value__.Value0.t -> t
val to_value : t -> Ecaml_value__.Value0.t
val is_live : t -> bool

(describe-function 'window-live-p).


val body_height_exn : t -> int

(describe-function 'window-body-height)

val buffer : t -> Buffer.t option

(describe-function 'window-buffer)

val buffer_exn : t -> Buffer.t

(describe-function 'window-buffer)

val get_buffer_window : Buffer.t -> t option

(describe-function 'get-buffer-window)

val height_exn : t -> int

(describe-function 'window-height)

val point_exn : t -> Position.t

(describe-function 'window-point)

val width_exn : t -> int

(describe-function 'window-width)

val set_buffer_exn : ?keep_margins:bool -> t -> Buffer.t -> unit Async_kernel.Deferred.t

(describe-function 'set-window-buffer)

val set_point_exn : t -> Position.t -> unit

(describe-function 'set-window-point)

val set_window_margins : ?left_margin:int -> ?right_margin:int -> t -> unit

(Info-goto-node "(elisp)Display Margins") (describe-function 'set-window-margins)

val delete_exn : t -> unit

(describe-function 'delete-window)

val delete_other_windows : t option -> unit

(describe-function 'delete-other-windows)

val start : t -> Position.t

(describe-function 'window-start)

val set_start : t -> Position.t -> unit

(describe-function 'set-window-start)

val end_ : ?update:bool -> t -> Position.t

(describe-function 'window-end)

val frame : t -> Frame.t

(describe-function 'window-frame)

val fit_to_buffer : ?max_columns:int -> ?max_lines:int -> ?min_columns:int -> ?min_lines:int -> ?preserve_size:bool -> t -> unit

(describe-function 'fit-window-to-buffer)

module Tree : sig ... end

(Info-goto-node "(elisp) Windows and Frames")

module Blocking : sig ... end

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