package ecaml

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Tabulated lists display table data, one line per record and one column per field.

Note that we attempt to improve upon the elisp interface of tabulated-list-mode.

module Column : sig ... end
type 'record t
val create : Major_mode.t -> 'record Column.t list -> get_id:('record -> string) -> 'record t

Raises unless the major mode derives from Tabulated_list_mode.major_mode.

get_id is used to extract an ID value from each row. This ID is used to, among other things, preserve the position of point on a given row when the list is redrawn. The ID string must not be empty, due to implementation constraints.

val keymap : _ t -> Keymap.t
val major_mode : _ t -> Major_mode.t
val draw : ?sort_by:(string * [ `Ascending | `Descending ]) -> 'record t -> 'record list -> unit
val get_record_at_point_exn : 'record t -> 'record option

get_record_at_point_exn returns None if there is no record at point, and raises if the record at point cannot be of_value_exn'ed.

val move_point_to_record : 'record t -> f:('record -> bool) -> unit

move_point_to_record moves the point to the first record stisfying the predicate f

val current_buffer_has_entries : unit -> bool
val revert_hook : (Hook.normal, unit) Hook.t

(describe-variable 'tabulated-list-revert-hook)


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